Nithyananda.Net social platform is becoming favorite sharing space for all devotees and helping spread Swamiji's divinity & message. To maintain, moderate, grow & improve this space requires helping hands. So please join eN.Seva to Support eN.Sangha

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Help is needed to "Maintain, Moderate, Grow & Improve" eN.Sangha platform

If you are interested in volunteering / Seva , please
1. Join this "Seva" group
2. Express your interest by replying to the topic (I am interested in Seva) below
3.You will contacted as soon as help is needed.

1. Couple of hours of your efforts/Seva per week should be enough.
2. We need multiple volunteers for each of the following efforts.

Following Efforts are needed:

*.Graphic design -- Design graphics (banners, headers, etc)
*.Help Desk -- Support devotees with platform usage issues.
*.Video Editing -- Creating videos using images & devotional music

*.Photos Manager -- Moderate photos & add/modify titles, desc, tags
*.Events Manager -- Moderate events & add/modify titles, desc, tags
*.Videos Manager -- Moderate videos & add/modify titles, desc, tags
*.Youtube Videos -- Upload popular Swamiji & devotional videos from youtube
*.Link submission Manager -- Share content links with external relevant sites.
*.Blogs Manager -- Moderate blogs & add/modify titles, desc, tags
*.Forum Manager -- Moderate forum Topics & add/modify titles, tags
*.Satsangs Manager -- Manage Satsang centers Listing page

*.Groups Manager -- Coordinate with group moderators for page content
*.Listing & Downloads -- Manage web Listing/Directory & Downloads page
*.Sharing on Facebook -- Post interesting links @ FB Nithyananda.Net page
*.Help desk -- Respond to devotee requests & tutoring the platform tools 

*. Copying great interesting devotee's facebook notes and posting as blogs here.

*.Request facebook notes & blogs writers to post their content here too for the benefit of devotees & online readers.
*.Content writer - Content for platform ( guidelines, FAQ, Group desc, etc )
*.Article Writer - Writing articles related to Swamiji, His mission, Bidadi Ashram
*.Blog Writer - Writing blogs on any Vedic related topics (yoga, temples, etc)
*.Newsletter writer - Writing weekly Newsletter to devotees.

Other Skills:
Any other skills, which you think might help eN.sangha

Sarvam Sat Guru Paduka Arpanamastu !

Discussion Forum

I am interested in Seva

Started by eN Devotees. Last reply by Ananthanadaraja Shanthakumar Oct 29, 2015. 8 Replies

Nithyanandam,Appreciate your interest in Seva.Please reply with your interested "Seva" work.Please let me know, if you have skills which are not listed but can help eN.Sangha platform.Your ideas,…Continue

Tags: seva

Non technical help

Started by Anja Dekkers. Last reply by amit May 2, 2015. 1 Reply

Please contact me for non technical helpthankyouContinue

I am interested in Seva

Started by Ma Nithya Atmanatana Oct 9, 2012. 0 Replies

Nithyanandam , I can help in photos managing , youtube videos ,and article writing. I can also help in other efforts if needed , and that would provide me a chance to upgrade my skills . Thanks Continue

I am interested in Seva

Started by Elio jose marin camargo Sep 17, 2012. 0 Replies

Hello, I write from Caracas, Venezuela. I would like to become a full time ashremite in Swami Nithyananda´s ashram. I studied Filmmaking in Spain so I can possibly help out with video editing. I am…Continue

I am interested in doing seva

Started by Yuvaraj Jun 29, 2012. 0 Replies

Well i have got ideas on the below support, since i'm working in a company with same profile for creating creative ideas please do let me know if incase trust is accepting me or you can reach me at…Continue


Started by श्री अानन्द कुबेरŚrīĀnandaKubera. Last reply by Ma Nithya Arunananda Feb 22, 2012. 2 Replies

I'd like to share the poems I write. Here are some I have put online: p4pn.blogspot.comSwamiji said: "Waoahw" after reading my "16" and accepted me as an ashramite (I've asked to become in a question…Continue

Tags: poems, poem

Task: Group for each Santsang Center

Started by eN Devotees. Last reply by Sudha Dhandapani Jan 25, 2011. 2 Replies

Dear Devotees, We need an eN.sevak/s to takeup the following task here @ Nithyananda.Net Creating Group for each eN.Santsang Center: 1. Create group for each eN.satsang center (List @ …Continue

Tags: seva, satsang

Request facebook notes/blogs writers

Started by eN Devotees Jan 17, 2011. 0 Replies

Nithyanandam eN.Seva Team,I noticed many devotees writing interesting & inspirational notes on facebook .. I am already requesting them to post them in Nithyananda.Net too so that devotees &…Continue

Tags: facebook

Post interesting content links on your facebook wall

Started by eN Devotees Dec 17, 2010. 0 Replies

Nithyananda.Net is growing steadily and devotees are finding this platform very helpful. But still many devotees are not aware of this website or didn't understood the importance of this platform.So…Continue

Tags: facebook

eN.Sevaks: Please post your questions & How-to's by reply to this topic.

Started by eN Devotees Nov 18, 2010. 0 Replies

Dear eN.Sevaks,Please post any questions you have by replying to this topic, not by starting new topic.If you have ideas or suggestions, please post in …Continue

Tags: feedback, question

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Comment by Prisha Yeshodh on November 19, 2012 at 7:33am


Im Prisha from Seremban Malaysia. I can help in Photo editting and things to do with photos as Im doing that right now. I add in Swamiji's quotes to His Photo. :) Thank you.

Comment by megha sharma on July 26, 2011 at 3:11am
nityanandam,thanks for creating enseva,I can promote swamijis quotes on fb ,sent emails and wud love to write on saatvik food as i am good cook,hey y not start a section on saatvik recipies
Comment by Lakshmi Natarajan on November 29, 2010 at 4:55pm
Other things like photos manager & video manager i cldnt undrstnd wht v r supposed to do...pls explain so that i can join in that also...
Thank u so much!
Comment by Lakshmi Natarajan on November 29, 2010 at 4:54pm
I would love to be a part of En Seva!
I can do:
1.Sharing on Facebook -- Post interesting links @ FB Nithyananda.Net page
2.Video Editing -- Creating videos using images & devotional music
3.Youtube Videos -- Upload popular Swamiji & devotional videos from youtube
any work u have....please let me knw....
Comment by Nithya Niranjan ( PV Chandra ) on November 17, 2010 at 10:22am
I am an ordained English acharya , presently at Pune and a healer . I am interested in healing and at the moment am in the process of healing a small boy who is scared to walk and is on a wheel chair and has intense pain while urinating . All alopathic treatment in the US and India has not been able to to diagonise what is his real problem .
This is my sixth healing on him at pune .Want swamiji ti give Distant healing on him . Will be at the Bidadi ashram on 23 rd on this month. Please assist . nithyanandam . Nithya Niranjan( Chandra )

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