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If I have to give a basic qualification you need for living enlightenment, it will be a' high achiever.' Whether in body mind or soul, be a High Achiever. I dont mean by grabbing or looting others, be a high achiever in anything you do. If you are sweeping the floor, be a high achiever in that. Have tremendous curiosity to…

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Satsang Living in the Company of Truth

Satsang is the thread of yogic and spiritual life for the sadhaka or seeker. Sat means ‘truth’ and sang means ‘association’. Together it means association of truth or in the company of truth. In the highest definition it means living in complete awareness of the truth with one’s being, being fully submerged in…


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Let us understand this truth – rewiring your brain for success. Please understand success is life! Life is success! If you are missing success in your life, you work for failure. So failure is your success. Understand life is success.

If you are having failure at the end of your day, you worked for failure. Because you worked for failure you are having failure…

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By Paramahamsa Nithyananda

I can say life can be equated to 2 things.

1. The ability to achieve what you want in the inner or outer world or 2.…

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Today you will learn how manifestation can be done through eNkriya-health, happiness, emotional fulfillment, wealth or ultimately enlightenment.

The western logic can never understand the eastern way of living and attraction to richness. In the east, some one will sit under the tree and chant…


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Vibhoothi from Swamijis's Holy Padukas in Buraimi ,Oman, Oman eN Satsang Center

Dt:2nd Feb,2011


Pranams at Thy Divine Lotus Feet.

Beloved  Swamiji, Kindly accept our most humble pranams at Thy Divine Lotus Feet.

We are blessed by Swamiji again and again ,today"s morning satsang message of Swamiji from Bidadi  on Samadhi sent  another huge wave of energy blessings sweeping through the globe shattering time and space.Whem Swamiji sent us the Samadhi experience ,I experienced a state of Bliss and High energy  along with my wife…


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The real Master always creates controversy

The latest living Master on the planet always creates controversy. He will always meet with a lot of criticism and scepticism, because he is always a path breaker. He changes the usual ways of the humanity, he always does things in a new, unknown, controversial way, which our brains are not able to tolerate. But know, that if a Master is not controversial, then he is not a Master, he is a…

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Date of visit---Jan 26th and 27th


This is the Divine Leela to keep us feel indebted eternally!!!


Each visit to Bidadi - I would the define the bliss energy starts expressing right from reservation of my journey, blocking the tickets, and extends till  SHARING THE EXPERIENCE ON  FB AND LIKED AND COMMENTED UPON by our family!!! And further elongates its charm…


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my state afer Swami's "Samadhi" discourse, sweet dissolutin of the senses

I participated in the entire discourse but could not completely focus on the last 15 minutes of the discourse because of family commitments. After the discourse I kept having this extatic feeling of joy and peace I did not want to really physically do anything but sit in a relaxed way and enjoy it. I know there were some superficial thoughts going on but I was enjoying the relaxed, settled state deeper than my thoughts. This state won't leave me for a long time even after I lied down to…


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Obtaining a state of continual bliss



I have been using the Nithya Dhyaan for over a month now as well as drinking warm water with lemon juice in it first thing in the morning and last thing in the evening and I feel amazing! My liver is really healing itself. I had a very large liver spot on my upper chest and every day I can…


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A powerful start for Satya Yuga- en.Kriya


Amazing amazing amazing ))) Wooooow so powerful start was and is amazing, feeling so intense in union with whole globe Nithyananda Family, woooooow no matter time and place we were and are all together as one Woooow, I can't describe .. Paramah…

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Shivoham! Nirvana Shatakam! Song of the Self! Everything is Auspicious, Everything is Consciousness !

Atma-Shatakam or Nirvana Shatakam - The Song of the Self

                                 by Adi Shankaracharya


The great Adi Shankara (first…


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Stop Comparing, Soar High!

Stop Comparing, Soar High!


 Paramahamsa Nithyananda

When we are not able to bear others’ excellence, we get jealous. Comparison is the seed and jealousy is the fruit. Comparison and…


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What is Living Enlightenment?

What is Living Enlightenment?


Paramahamsa Nithyananda

If you are here, it means…


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Churning of the Milky Ocean

One day the Demi-Gods decided, they wanted to get the nectar from the bottom of the Milky Ocean to become immortal. But they knew this was a very hard process so that they wouldn't be able to do it on their own, so they went and asked for help from the Demons. They approached the Demons and made a deal that they would share the nectar 50-50. They didn't know how to do it, so they went to Brahma and asked for suggestions how to reach the nectar -…


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Experience the sacred truths

January 10, 2011


Deities are manifestations of specific energies of certain gods or celestial beings, that are independently intelligent and available in the Cosmos. They are reachable just like any human being is reachable on Planet Earth. They exist just like we exist and they are accessible to us.


When we meditate on the sacred truth of a specific deity / god, we will experience a darshan of that particular…


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The juice of life - or how to become enlightened

Whether you agree with it or not, the way we live our life is a constant fight. Even if you feel that you have no enemies or disagreements, you are still constantly

fighting with Existence.


All unrealized human beings feel separate from Existence. We feel, that because we have an individual body and an individual mind, an individual set of ideas, an individual

persoanlity we must be separate from everyone and everything.…


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Are you depressed, hopeless or down? Even if you're not you MUST read this!!!

What is the reason we feel hopeless? Because we have no hope. We have no hope that there is something else, that there is something better than what we have been

experiencing so far.

We don't know what to turn to, because anything we've tried and experienced through our five senses does not make us happy anymore.


See, when you are deeply depressed do you think that a huge piece of cake will take you out of the…


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The secrets of past, present and future revealed

Wondering what the truth is about our past, present and future? Want to learn the secrets of the dimensions of time? Please read on....



We all think that time is something that keeps coming and going, passing…


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And when you walk by...

When you walk by

I just want to hide as not to disturb the moment

and I don’t expect you to seek me

Just be around for this moment please

There is something about the energy you bring

That makes my heart beat faster

Is it fear or excitement?

I don’t even know the name for it

It is all just a mess in my head

I am thinking with my heart now, the brain has stopped

I want to keep…


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