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Donate For Divine Cause

Ma Ananda Archanaa is maintaining  Philadelphia eN Satsang Center for the past 5 years all by herself. She is highly dedicated to Swamiji's Mission and putting great efforts to spread Swamiji's Mission & His Teachings. Many devotees had wonderful experiences at her eN Satsang center and she takes care of all visitors & devotees to her eN Satsang Center with utmost Respect & Love.

Swamiji blessed Archanaa Ma to…


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Bringing All Devotees Together

Nithyananda.Net is launched to bring together all the devotees  from around the world to form one huge blissful " Nithyananda Family". 


Nithyanandam eN satsang coordinators , I request you all to create your own eN Satsang Center online presence @ Nithyananda.Net. Nithyananda.Net is growing very fast and is becoming one of the devotees favorite sharing & networking online…


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Invite friends to Blissful eN.Sangha @ Nithyananda.Net



Nithyananda.Net is becoming devotee's favorite place to share experiences ( miracles, healing, transformation, bliss & vedic wisdom ). Recently we added following new features.
1. Single sign-in (facebook user can automatically login in to Nithyananda.Net)
2. Submitting URLs or web links in Listing page ( http://nithyananda.net/forum/topics/web-directory…

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Satsang Center Coordinators

Nithyanandam Satsang Center Coordinators,


We (Nithyananda.Net team) like to explain how satsang center coordinators & your center's devotees can utilize Nithyananda.Net


Few Facts:

  • Nithyananda.Net ranks in top 5 in all search engines for "nithyananda" keyword
  • Check out how Philadelphia…

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Let all devotees know about Nithyananda.Net, a devotee sharing platform.


Nithyananda.Net is launched by devotees for the following primary reasons.
1. Provide Sharing & Networking platform for all devotees
2. Spread Swamiji's divinity & messages to the world.
Nithyananda.Net is not meant to replace "Facebook" for your networking but to create online space/repository for
1.Sharing transformations or experiences or healings or bliss…

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"Paramahamsa Nithyananda Biography"

Nithyananda.Info -- Biography of "Paramahamsa Nithyananda"

We ( Nithyananda.Net moderating team ) planning to launch a another website ( Nithyananda.Info ) on Biography of our Guru "Paramahamsa Nithyananda". Swamiji transformed millions & delivered amazing services to the society in a short period of time but the world is not aware…


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Simple steps to create videos

Dear Devotees,

We are launching "Videos by Devotees" youtube channel @ http://www.youtube.com/user/nithyanandaswami
We already started creating videos using Swamiji's images, Swamiji Quotes & nice music. Check out our first video…

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Share your experiences

Dear Devotees,

Please share your experiences after Nithyananda Swami in your life. Your experiences are very valuable and can touch or transform many people, who are seeking bliss or inner transformation or better state of being.

Your experiences can be on any of the following
  • Miracles…

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Share Devotional Music Files

Dear Devotees,

We are planning to create 101 videos (about 5 min/each), one for each enlightenment quote given by Swamiji in "Enlightenment 101" video @ http://nithyananda.net/video/enlightenment-101

These videos will be created using

1.Swamiji's images

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