Nithyanandam dear friends and fellow devotees,        Sarvavidyaa sent this letter to each of the list of officials given by Sri Nithya Sri Priyan, in addition to the letter he gave us to copy.  …


  Nithyanandam dear friends and fellow devotees,


     Sarvavidyaa sent this letter to each of the list of officials given by Sri Nithya Sri Priyan, in addition to the letter he gave us to copy.  Sarvavidyaa's letter takes a different focus: alerting the Karnataka officials that their state is getting a reputation for violence and people are expressing fear to visit if they are not native Kannadigas.


   Appealing to the practical sense of maintaining a good public image is an alternate way to get officials to end the violence and anti-non-Kannada sentiments.


   Please feel free to use Sarvavidyaa's letter as template, editing where needed to make it your personal experience.


                                                                                   faithfully in Nithyananda


                                                                                              Ma Nithya Sarvavidyaa


Some tips for writing:


Use subject that they will want to read: SV used "Respect and Support for Kannadigas".  If we use "Stop Violence Against Nithyananda" or some such topic, they may not read it with as much interest.


Change the highlighted title when we change the addressee


Include all truthful info we have about the good things Swami has done for Karnataka and how much we want to continue to help Karnataka.


Sign with your credentials -- Dr, Professor etc. Not everyone respects an avatar, but many respect material-world education.


If you use your secular name, sign with that first and follow with your spiritual name. This also increases credibility. The "opposition" likes to call us as religious nuts. If we show we are intelligent concerned people, they will be more eager to help us.


                                                                                in gratitude and Upanishad


                                                                                       Ma Nithya Sarvavidyaa


Your Excellency, Respected Sir:

As a US citizen with deep affection and respect for Karnataka, its people and its culture, I entreat you to intervene in the press madness that is spreading a biased story about Kannadigas and their interactions with Nithyananda Swami.

In the name of Kannadiga activism, an honorable and worthy cause, the recent events committed at Bidadi ashram cast a sad slur on the reputation of Karnataka. As Home Secretary, you have the authority to correct this highly unfortunate situation.

 Surely this lawlessness is not a true representation of sensible Kannadiga views! It goes beyond any reasonable political activism.

Suvarna -TV News refuses to air any of the extensive video footage demonstrating that unarmed Bidadi ashramites were set upon by a weaponed mob, alleging themselves to be Kannadiga activists, which broke onto private property and beat many with open intent to kill.  They shouted audibly "We will kill you! We will kill you!"

It is admirable to keep the vibrant Kannadiga culture active and alive, Sir! And Bidadi ashram fully supports that. Many ashramites speak fluent Kannada and some are native Kannadigas themselves. Nithyananda Swami's programs are regularly offered in Kannada, often free of any tuition. Discourses given in English provide simultaneous Kannada translation, and all campus announcements are made in both those languages.

As a long-time volunteer in the free medical clinic on the Bidadi Campus, I have set to work to learn Kannada myself and have made certain I have a translator available to accurately treat the illnesses of Kannadiga visitors.

From August 2010 to September 2011, the ashram conducted free medical camps in the villages of Ramanagaram district and served many Kannadigas. We had native-speaking volunteer doctors and translators, and we treated many people. The villages were always happy to see us. The services stopped only because of lack of volunteers to continue the program.

Mr Home Secretary, if all non-natives of Karnataka were forced to leave the state you would lose many valuable services. As you know, when a district accepts statehood in a nation, it is agreeing to open communication with other states. Isolation, as you already understand, just brings economic stagnation.

Please bring your wisdom to bear upon the situation. You can see both the good sense of cultural activism, and the damage that exaggerated zeal can cause. Please don't let Karnataka give itself a bad name for excessive violence.

Already in countries outside India, and in communities such as Delhi and Gujarat, shocked observers are commenting that they are afraid to visit Bangalore. Two of my US friends want to cancel a tour because they fear they will be assaulted if they don't speak Kannada. How sad if Karnataka becomes mis-represented!

I have been looking forward happily to sharing the beauties of Mysore, Ooty and Mangalore with all my USA contacts, to shopping with them and treating them to the delights of the local products.

Please don't allow Karnataka's lovely image to be publicly tarnished. If a reputation for violence is established, it is very difficult to undo.



                                      Sophia Keller, RN, LAc, MA, IBCLC
                                      Ma Nithya Sarvavidyaa
                                      USA citizen, legal resident of Bangalore (tourist visa)




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