Be Unclutched - Webinar by Paramahamsa Nithyananda on 15/04/2012

Basic truths about Life :

What is life?     What for is life?

  • More and more you try to seek answers for these questions you become Seeker
  • More and more you try to answer this question to others you become  a philosopher
  • For outer world comforts  you don’t need to reinvent  anything.But for the inner world enlightenment you need to discover your religion independently and individually.These questions raise the intensity of life in you,Brings authenticity to your living
  • I discovered answers to these questions inside me.But I will not do the mistake of giving you the answer.I will give the process through you can discover the answers within youeself.If I give it may be a bookish knowledge.It is not going to become part of your life.
  • You need to find your own answer.I can only give you the process
  • The process I am offering to all of you to find the answers for the basic questions of  life is ‘Unclutching’.
  • One day early morning like intution suddenly this word has  flowered in me as a Mahavakiya  (Mahavakiya means the ultimate statement)
  • This word ‘Unclutching” is the ultimate spiritual truth.
  • This process  Unclutching can directly upgrade your very consciouness.Purpose of human life is to upgrade your consciouness
  • Today through this webinar I will present Unclutching as a technique/method to upgrade your consciousness,raising your innerspace. 
  • When you upgrade your consciousness ,raise your inner space become more authentic and lot of good side effects happen like you become healthy,wealthy,more intelligent,you become a leader,you become more  balanced.
  • Clutching : Holding ,getting attached
  • Dis Clutching : Completely getting disconnected,breaking
  • Unclutching : Moving back,to clutch anytime when it is needed
  • You clutch yourself with thousands of things,the ideas your mind creates the idea of joy,pain,pleasure,…
  • Unclutching even if it is practiced sincerely in a very small level brings so much of awakening in you.
  • What is Unclutching ?

When a thought raises in you  without  supporting it ,encouraging it,entertaining it, without being excited by it or being entertained by it, just Relaxing from it.

  • If you start relaxing from the thought which are raising you will experience freedom from the identity which you created.

Constantly you create shaft of thoughts in your innerspace with the thoughts of pain, joy, pleasure..


Joy shaft                        ---------------------------

independent thoughts  O OOooOOoOoo

Pain shaft                          -------------------------------


  • Your mind is made up of many independent  thoughts (each block is one thought / blocks of pain.. joy. .) .By putting all these blocks continuously you create the shaft called Mind  or Ego or identity (joy shaft or pain shaft)
  • You don’t have awareness to look at your mind as it is .
  • Buddha says “Original mind is Nirvana” 
  • Mind happens,it is already unclutched.But unfortunately you pick up from the independent thoughts and create your own short view about yourself.You don’t look your mind / life as it is happening.
  • Continously you connect pain memories/thoughts and feel suffering.When you believe something and repeat it again and again it becomes reality.Don’t repeat your life as pain.
  • When you look deep  each pain is a independent incident.When you connect and see you feel suffering.Stop creating the shaft,Stop creating the pain/pleasure shaft in your life.
  • Unclutching not only changes the way you perceive the reality ,it transforms the reality itself.Because it is a very powerful process touching the source where the perceiver/ perceived both comes out
  • Unclutching liberates you immediately
  • Whether you are a beginner or professional seeker or about to get enlightened constantly Unclutch. It is a complete technique.
  • If you have a problem related to emotion /relationship /health /wealth /mind/ mental health-just unclutch

  • Nine levels of Unclutching :

1) Unclutch from the outer world (name & fame ,money….)

2) Unclutch from the outer world identities (social, national, rational, race, community,


3) Unclutch from the thoughts (verbalization & visualization)

4) Unclutch  from your emotions (pain & pleasure)

5) Unclutch from the inner world identities (Ideas you project on others & ideas you project  on yourself)

6) Unclutch from the Biomemory pattern you are carrying (pattern of pain/ depression/ irritation /your own ideas/suffering.In reallity you are alone without patternsYou are just existing/Kevala)

7) Unclutch from Body itself (thousands of disorders you create by yourself like BP, arteritis all these completely disappears.)

8) Unclutch from the idea of Time (Time is the greatest myth you are carrying.Sun/moon raises & sets.Stars & planets move.You raise/live/disappear.Thats all Where is the time? Time is a illusion wheel as part of your conscious itself

9) Unclutch from the very idea - I ( I is the source of everything you perceive.Unclutch from the very source the idea of I )

 In every level of Unclutching you will experience new dimension of you and extraordinary expressions of you.

  • Three kinds of Unclutching :

1) Unclutching from the luxury activity ( activities not required for your video games)

2) Unclutching from the existential activities ( going to your office/profession ie.,body performing without suffering caused by those activities.)

3) Unclutching from survival activities (eating/sleeping.You will live in unclutched space, your body may continue the  activities necessary for survival)

  • Unclutching :  is the greatest liberation / liberates all types of addiction / is the most simple and ultimate technique / frees you from suffering/  makes you matured / upgrades your consciousness so much.
  • Unclutching :  is Inner awakening / Samadhi / Meditation / Inner Guru / God itself.
  •  Unless you experience it you will not know about it
  • Process :

Now all of you sit in an unclutched way for few minutes :

Sit in a relaxed way/ Be comfortable / Any thought raises in your innerspace decide you are not going to either support or destroy or encourage or create a new thought.

Unclutch from every thought,don’t miss even a single thought

When you unclutch honestly,authentically kundalini is awakened,your body may even levitate.

Just be unclutched.Let unclutch happen in all of us.Let kundalini awakening hallppen in everybody.


  • If you are a beginner spend 20 minutes per day in unclutching
  • If you have already tasted unclutching,intensify the quality of unclutching and increase the time of unclutching in your life.
  • Every 5 minutes of meditating saves one dollar and reduces crime rate says the statistics
  • When you unclutch you bring the best thing to your life ,country,society,whole humanity

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