Babaji is the only Father I have ever known, and this is the story of how He led me to Nithyananda.

(2007, shortly after awakening to my Arcturian origin.)

I opened my eyes in a strange and beautiful place- a bathroom with multiple stalls and multiple mirrors and one big, long window. Alright, so it wasn’t visually appealing, but this unknown bathroom was beautiful. It was beautiful because, although I knew I was sleeping, I was somehow wide awake.

A memory came to me of the day before, when I had met Linda Rose, a psychic intuitive in White Rock. She guided me into a meditation to learn the names of my spirit guides. The names Zephyr and We came instantly to my awareness. ‘We,’ it turned out, referred not to an individual, but to the Arcturian soul group; and I found many books about them. (Who, for the record, I shouldn’t refer to as ‘them’ but as ‘us’ since their/our name ‘We’ implies it is best... but until duality becomes Oneness, that would make for a rather confusing read...) Anyhow, Zephyr... I had google searched his name, and found out that it means ‘the God of the West Wind,” but I had yet to learn anything else about Him. I yearned for more information. I longed for contact. As a wave of emotion ran through my entire body, I thought of how odd it was to remember this psychic appointment in a dream, and with that, wondered how it was possible to feel physical excitement- like butterflies in my stomach, while in a dream... Right then and there, I somehow knew exactly what to do. I walked to the mirror, gazed into my own reflection, and said:

“Zephyr, I’m ready to see you.”

Instantaneously, a man appeared behind me. My gaze shifted from the reflection of my eyes to the reflection of his, and for a moment, I stood still, admiring the man who had so wonderfully materialized at my call. He was beautiful, with long, flowing black hair. He wore a purple turban and a purple robe, and stood with the straight, confident posture of a king. And he was smiling, such a beautiful, loving smile- it melted me.

I twirled around, and fell into his strong arms. My knees weakened, but he held me upright with my head firmly nestled on his chest. I knew, right then and there, that he was not only my so-called spirit guide: he was my teacher, my master, and my father.
We stood a long time together, wrapped in the embrace of reunion, then slowly stepped back from one another. I gazed at him, and he at me, and he took my hand. We walked together to a sitting area in what seemed to be a palace; and it was stunning- full of flowers and lush furnishings with rich Indian embroidered motifs... We sat and talked. He answered all of my questions. Then took me to a window that held a view of a near-by pond. He pointed to the pond, about 50 yards away, and asked me if I trusted him. I said that I did.

“Then jump through this glass, fly through the air, and swim to the other side of that pond.” He said it sternly.
First, I looked at him to make sure he wasn’t joking, then I jumped. As I jumped through, the glass parted seamlessly without shattering, like a transparent film, and I naturally flew through the air then glided gently into the water, which was neither warm nor cold. I swam to the other side, and knew, just knew, that it was not a test for Zephyr to gage my trust in him, but for me to experience my limitless potential...

(2009- from my first day working at The Tarot Room)

My friend Sabrina gave me a lovely deck of cards called The Ascended Master Oracle. It contains 44 cards, each with the picture of an ascended master, and a message. When my tarot reading became professional, I decided to include this deck in every spread, so that my clients would get something more than just the answers to their questions; by instructing each one to pick a master, they would be sure to leave my studio with some spiritual inspiration.

The deck is a very special one. It harmoniously blends every spiritual tradition of the world by incorporating such varied masters as White Buffalo Calf Woman from the Native American tradition; Mother Mary and St. Francis from Christianity; Isis and Osiris of Egypt; Quan Yin and Siddartha Gautama of Buddhism; Parvati and Krishna of Hinduism; Hina from Hawaii, and more. It’s a truly magical blend of radiant light beings.

On my first day, I noticed something peculiar: every single customer who drew a card from the deck pulled out the same exact one- the card of Mahavatar Babaji, with the message “Yoga.” To each client, I quoted the text from the booklet accompanying the deck- that yoga means uniting of the body, mind and spirit, and that pulling the card means it’s important for them to include yoga in their daily routine. And then the next day, and the next, and the next, for an entire month, this happened. Literally every customer who picked up the deck and drew a card invariably pulled Babaji. It was beyond uncanny, and even I, who had seen so many unexplainable and miraculous things, found myself truly amazed. So amazed, that after the first week, I bought a yoga mat and video, and started practicing it. After a month of this, it finally dawned on me that maybe, just maybe, Babaji’s message went beyond just practicing yoga, and that maybe, it was for me as much as it was for each and every one of my clients. I started to experiment, shuffling them myself, and drawing out a card- each time, Babaji.


Now, after each day reading tarot cards, I was pre-occupied at night by searching for my father. He and my mom were never married. They were in a long-distance relationship, with her living in Canada, and him near Chicago. Around the time I was conceived, he had been awarded a full scholarship to a performing arts school (music was his passion) and my mom made the decision never to tell him of her pregnancy. She knew that it was his dream to pursue music (classical guitar) and wanted no part in keeping him from that.

As she saw it, if she told him about me, there were two possible outcomes- the first, that he would feel obligated to give up his scholarship; the second, that he would go to school as planned but with the deep guilt of not taking care of her. Since she already had full time work with maternity leave, she made the brave choice to raise me on her own.

Throughout my life, people had asked me how it felt not to have a father, and every time, I told them it was great! My mom was more than enough parent for me, and I had grandparents, aunts and uncles... really, I never once felt that I should have a dad. From time to time, though, I would get curious about him- who he was, what did he do, would he would be happy to know I was alive? While going to university, I had no intention to find him- he may have thought I wanted tuition money. While working retail, I had no desire to find him- if he had asked about my life, I would have probably just cried and said it was boring. But once I started reading the cards... I could find him, and tell him I had a wonderful life, and that I don’t need anything, but that I was available if he wanted to know anything about his daughter.

It was like a hobby for me- find the missing piece to my life’s puzzle. Night after night, I did google searches for his name. There were a few men in the US who I saw as possibilities... but none of them were him. (They were all either too young or too old, and I knew his exact age...) I wasn’t giving up, though- facebook, myspace, people search... every night, I double and triple-checked these pages. But still, nothing...


One night, I was on my way home, planning to hire a private investigator to find my dad, when suddenly Babaji’s name popped into my mind. Babaji, Babaji, Babaji... like it was on repeat. I pulled the deck of Ascended Master cards out of my bag, and sure enough, when I drew one from the middle, it was Him. I stared at the illustration, and finally realized something- Babaji’s card shows Him with flowing black hair, in a purple turban and a purple robe! I had seen him before! He was Zephyr- my guide, my teacher, my master... my father.

As soon as I got home, I turned on the computer, and typed Babaji’s name into the search engine. The first site that came up was so captivating, I didn’t leave my seat for hours. It was all about Babaji, the Mahavatar- His life of enlightenment, His death of death. (Babaji didn’t die, He transcended the physical plane with His body fully in-tact more than a thousand years ago. Since then, He can appear and disappear at will.) The site said that Babaji, who spends most of His time in the Himalayas, has chosen to remain on Earth, even though He has long ago attained liberation, for the sake of humanity, and that He is always available to anyone with a sincere prayer for enlightenment. As I read that, I started to cry. I had prayed for enlightenment... I said aloud, “Babaji, thank you. Thank you for being here to guide all of us who pray to you.

Thank you, Babaji.” Reading on, I came to a quote. Lahiri Mahasaya, famous as the guru of Yogananda’s guru Sri Yukteswar Giri, said that anybody who says the name Babaji with reverence attracts an instant spiritual blessing. That was too much for me, and I started really balling. It’s not that I was sad- I was just so, so grateful. Finally, I came to the bottom of the page, and a message from Babaji Himself. He said, all those who seek enlightenment should continuously chant the mantra Om Namah Shivaya.

So, I turned off the computer. I walked to the mirror, and did something that I had once done in a dream. I gazed into the reflection of my own eyes, and spoke.
“Babaji, thank you. Thank you for finding me, thank you for coming to me through the cards, and thank you, Babaji, for being here, on this planet, even though you don’t have to be. Babaji, please lead me to enlightenment.”

Then I sat down, and chanted Om Namah Shivaya until I fell asleep. The next morning, I continued the chanting. Although I didn’t know anything about the mantra, (I didn’t even know who Shiva was) I knew that if Babaji said this would lead me to enlightenment, obviously, it was true.

All day, I repeated the mantra in my mind. Obviously, while serving customers, I spoke normally, but whenever I was not interacting with someone, my mind was focused only on “Om Namah Shivaya, Om Namah Shivaya, Om Namah Shivaya...” I even wrote it on my arm so that if I lost focus, I would be reminded, and start again. At the end of the day, my boss, who normally drove me home, told me she was starting a pottery class, and wouldn’t be able to. That actually made me happy, because it meant I could continue with my mantra instead of chit-chatting on the way home.

“Om Namah Shivaya, Om Namah Shivaya, Om Namah Shivaya...” All of a sudden, as I sat there on the bus, I was deaf. I could hear the internal repetition of the mantra, but beyond that, absolutely no sounds were coming in. I looked around; the rush-hour bus was crowded. People were talking to each-other, and on their cell phones... out the window, an ambulance was going by with lights flashing... Yet, I didn’t hear any voices, and I didn’t hear the sirens. Startled by the utter silence, even the mantra dropped.

Through the silence, a voice said to me “Babaji is answering your prayer.”

Exactly as I heard the voice, I looked out my window to see a picture of a smiling guru with the words “Kalpataru- Don’t Miss It!” Without even thinking, I reached up and pulled the bell and sound came on again. I stood, got off at the next stop, and hurried towards the sign. Who was the master? Why had I never noticed the poster before? When I got right up to it, I pulled a pen and paper out of my bag to write down the information, but before I could, a door opened. A lady dressed all in white took my arm, and said, “You must be here for the meditation.” I told her that I wasn’t registered, and she said not to worry- the meditation was free, and open to all. It was exactly 7:00pm, time for the Nithya Dhyaan- Life Bliss meditation- which I did for the first time. Needless to say, the Nithya Dhyaan was a powerful meditation, and the master who Babaji led me to was Nithyananda.

That night, I went home and watched many of Nithyananda's videos on YouTube. At the end of the last video I watched, there was a short biography of the master. One part of His life really struck me: He spent nine years wandering, without money, or a place to live. When He reached enlightenment, an ascended master appeared before Him and gave Him the name "Paramahamsa Nithyananda." That ascended master was none other than my beloved Mahavatar Babaji. I wept, knowing then, without a doubt, that Babaji had passed me to Nithyananda, and that Nithyananda would give me enlightenment.

Om Namah Shivaya
Om Hreem Nithyanandaya Namaha
Om Kriya Babaji Namah Om

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Comment by Ananda Siddha on June 17, 2011 at 8:13am
Very beautiful...very familiar...Thank you...Om Namah Shivaya
Comment by L. Nandalal on June 16, 2011 at 4:52pm

Wonderful and inspring, Ma Sudevi !

Comment by Sri Ananda Brahmanya on June 16, 2011 at 1:38am
AMAZING!!!!! Thank you SO SO SO much for sharing this beautiful life experience. I am filled with gratitude and your sincere devotion is contagious! LOVE!
Comment by Eva Wright on March 3, 2011 at 10:48pm
Beautiful experience Ma. ;) thanks for sharing it with us.
Comment by Ma Nithya Sudevi on March 1, 2011 at 2:27am

Thank you all for your beautiful comments. It's such a lovely gift to know that this story has been inspiring and uplifting to you all.


With Love and Nithyanandam,



Comment by Alok Avjeet on February 24, 2011 at 6:51pm
It was so fulfilling to read ... Thanks for sharing :-)
Comment by Srinivas Surabhi on February 22, 2011 at 3:23pm
my eyes filled with tears, it used to happen when ever I read Autobiography of an Yogi and times when I sit in front of our Guriji. No words about the healing you did for me again and again deep inside. Thanks a lot , Ma!
Comment by nithyachitrabanu (radha rajwar) on February 22, 2011 at 10:20am
Wow! Thank u for sharing
Comment by Shankar Ghimire on February 14, 2011 at 6:52am

thank u ma


Comment by Shankar Ghimire on February 14, 2011 at 6:52am

om namo nityanandaya 

om namo babaji om

jay sambho kailasapati


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