Nithyakriya CARE for Obesity from 07/11/2011 Mor.Satsang

[Those who are not obese don’t do this kriya.This is not for over weight,this is for the people who can’t move on their own.

Creates intense heat to burn the fat.If you do this kriya you have to drink  lot of water ,at least 6 litres per day.

Very simple,highly heat producing,fat will be burnt away

Cool your eyes by putting tissue paper soaked in rose water or normal water,like cooling pad]

Sit in Badhrasana : Place the heels on either side of the perinium,keeping the left heel on the left side and the right heel on the right side,hold the feet firmly joined to one another with both the hands.Move your knees up and down ie., do butterfly 20 times

[This Asana creates certain tension on the cholesterol accumulated below the belly and in hip]

1) Jalandharabandha : Press the chin on chest firmly and hold as long as you can / relax-21 times


2) Uddiyanabandha by standing : Stand with feet about half a meter apart, bend the knees slightly, rest your hands on the knees with thumb facing inward and fingers facing ouward,spine erect,head should be kept up and eyes open

Inhale deeply through both the nostrils and exhale quickly through slightly opened lips,do not be forceful/ After having fully exhaled , pull the abdomen and stomach in and up towards the spine / Hold as long as you can / Relax -21 times


Back to Badrasana : 

3) AgnishomaKumbhaka  : Inhale through right,hold,exhale through left / hold outside/ Again Inhale through left,hold,exhale through right - 1 cycle.Do 21 cycle


4) VyanaKumbhaka : Inhale deeply / Hold the breath by contracting the whole body ,visualize you are contracting the whole body stomch,throat,chest,back…./ Relax-21 times

[This will create intense kundalini awakening and heat and burn all the bad cholestrol]


5) Dakshinavarta Chakra Kumbhaka : Inhale deeply through right/ hold/exhale through left Again inhale deeply through right / hold / exhale through left-1 cycle.Do 21 cycles.

[After the kriya drink water and  buttermilk]

Badhrasana :                                                       Uddiyanabandha by standing :

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